85+ Ten Cozy Beds That Will Make You Forget How Cold It Is

The Ten Cozy Beds That Will Make You Forget How Cold It Is For the Master Bedroom Ideas blog is my own. The original articles were inspired by a sleeping bag and memory foam mattresses as well as my own frustrations in trying to sleep on a comfy mattress. I’m not sure which is worse but it seems that the comfy mattress has won the day in a lot of ways.

To make a mattress, the conventional process is to build the frame to hold the mattress and then stick on a thin layer of foam between the layers. One of the major problems with this method is that you end up with a very cold mattress. When a person sleeps on an uncomfortable mattress that they spend the whole night on, I think they have a right to complain! Well, that complaint could become a reality if you ever found yourself in my shoes.

So what I did was to order some mildew resistant foam that I could use to create a cool and comfortable comfy mattress. This solved one problem but unfortunately solved a second. As mentioned above, a Comfy Mattress just isn’t comfortable, especially when it’s really cold outside!

I chose to use a chillwave temperature control system for my mattress and bedding. The Chillwave was something that I hadn’t previously heard of and didn’t even know that it existed. However, as a complete package, it includes a chilled air bed, an air bed cover, ice cooler and a refrigeration unit.

Once I had used the Chillwave Temperature Control System on the bed, it was time to get the winter jacket on. There was still the matter of bedding so I started browsing through my local bedding shop. I did come across the bed sheets, pillows and other bedroom decor ideas that I had not looked at before.

I was very excited to finally have my first comfy mattress, so I decided to start reading up on the benefits of having a great mattress. The actual sleeping surface was important but what was even more important was having the mattress. When you have a mattress that is cold, you’re a lot less likely to fall asleep and you don’t want to end up waking up cold on the floor. After all, you don’t want to wake up to realize that your comfy mattress is the only thing keeping you warm!

Since that first winter, I’ve used my cool and comfy mattress for all my sleeping arrangements. I now find myself wondering why I had never considered using this approach before.