66+ Inspiring Interior Design Trends For 2020

The next decade promises to be a veritable rainbow of inspiring interior design trends. A vibrant and creative display of colorful plants is set to make its grand entrance into the hearts of homeowners in the near future. This is the year to get creative with your home’s interior design and grab a part of that futuristic room decor magic.

With so many benefits to homes with plant decors, it’s no wonder there’s such a market for these new plant style home accents. From the visually stunning and life-like plants to the breathable and cool-feeling, exotic plant baskets, the only thing you’re missing is your very own Bud Light beer fridge. Today, there’s a line of products, from house plants, aquariums, beds, wall accents, accessories, and even furniture, that looks like the very plants you grew.

Because plants are a perennial favorite, there’s little stopping you from adding plants to any room decor. You can use artificial plants for additional visual interest or simply add natural flowers to your home’s decor to bring a sense of home to the entire room. No matter what kind of room decor you want, you’ll find something that will lend some flair and interest to your home.

If you love bright colors and bold patterns, the bright yellow potty pot plant will just about give you the burst of color you need. Each of these tiny flower pots has a variety of colorful blooms and a unique and different way of letting you know the day has arrived. One of the best trends in plant decor is using flowers as centerpieces. Get creative and display your favorite flowers in a vase.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you have enough room to accommodate all of your containers, including containers for your flowering flowers. You can even use pottery or silk flowers to wrap up your accent pieces.

Another trend in home interior design, which will be an increasingly popular addition to the decor of homes, is the inclusion of driftwood and other natural elements in your room decor. These provide your home with a calming and sophisticated feel. They are also naturally brightening and not too tacky.

You can liven up the more traditionally styled rooms in your home by taking inspiration from the flowers that have become synonymous with the magical “heart” room. By adding fresh, fragrant flowers, including, baby’s breath, Angelica, lavender, and peonies, you can create an aura of blissful nostalgia that will get everyone in the room talking.

Whether you’re getting ready to remodel or redo your entire home’s decor, you’ll find many options when it comes to using plants in room decor. Think outside the box, and you might be surprised at the beautiful results you can create.