Nail Designs For Valentine’s Day

Flowers Nail Designs For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the best days to express your love, and what better way than to show off your beautiful hands with cute little Valentine’s nails? Nails are one of the most widely decorated items, so you can make this Valentine’s extra special for that special someone in your life. There are many different nail designs for Valentine’s Day, but you might find that you want something different than the traditional flowers and candy. Flowers and candy are great but why not make something more unique, and that’s what these tips will help you to do!

Flowers: The traditional Valentine’s Day flower is of course roses, and these would be a very popular choice for your nails, but did you know that roses are also a great accent to jewelry? Try out some star hearts instead, or a cluster of little hearts stitched onto a pretty clutch. If you have a lot of white paint, you could even try and create 3D flowers with white frosting, by catching some icing on a tray and gluing it to your nail, or by making a circle on your nail with white paint and then filling it in with glitter. There are plenty of other Valentines nail art ideas that you could explore.

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Nail Designs Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Nail Designs: Another idea for Valentine’s Day, if you are looking for a little different way to decorate your nails, is to have nail designs printed onto them. Why stop at just one, when you can go for matching designs such as hot pink polka dots, or even hot pink and black zebra print designs. If you have a lot of pink polish in your arsenal, then try stamping designs on the pink using a hot pink stamp, or stamping hot pink designs onto your nails with glitter. If you are on a tight budget, then you could always use any color of glitter to do this.

Heart Vines: These are another unique Valentines nail art idea that you can do yourself. First, paint your nails with pink Valentine themed glitter, and then take a long stem brush and start painting with short bursts of the glittery stuff. The longer you paint, the more different effects you can achieve.

Nail Designs Painted For Valentine’s Day

Cupcake Nails: Cupcake is another popular choice for valentines day nails. Cupcakes are very popular at Valentines Day, especially for children. To make cupcakes look more like Valentine’s Day wedding cakes, you could have cupcake nail designs painted onto each cupcake. Use glittery hearts, star shaped diamonds, and even some cupcake wrappers to complete these designs. These designs are so cute that you will defiantly be adding them to your own collection of Valentines Day nail designs.

Heart Nail Designs: Heart nail designs are another type of cute nail designs that you could try for your valentines nails. Paint short stem roses, or even short stem heart designs onto your nails for an elegant look. Adding nail wraps or little heart shaped clips to your nails also looks cute.