68+ Valentines Day Wooden Candles – A Beautiful Yet Intimate Decoration For Your Home During Valentine’s Day

Decoration Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday that is dedicated to love and affection. It is celebrated around the globe on this day every year. The tradition of celebrating this holiday dates back to Victorian times when lovers would place lit candlelit wooden candles in their beds and hope for a romantic night together. Even today, many people use candles in their homes during the festive period. Some prefer using these lovely decorations in their living rooms and bed rooms and as a result they get the warm and charming look that these objects always provide.

These types of decoration have been making waves around the year and so it is only fitting to learn how you can make these popular holiday decorations for your home. You will first have to choose flowers that you would like to decorate the basket with. You can start with red roses and pink tulips that will look gorgeous when adorned with the small red or pink petals of white lilies. For this type of decoration, all you need to do is gather all the petals and the blooms of these flowers and arrange them over the basket. Make sure that you cover the bottom part of the basket with clear glass.

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Valentine’s Day Wooden Candles Decor

Another Valentine’s Day wooden candles decor option that you can try is to decorate cookie tins with lovely holiday themed candles. These tins are easy to make with the use of cookie cutters. You will first have to gather the cookies that you intend to decorate with the holiday themed candles. Next, you will need oil paint and glitter for making the beads of these cookies shine.

When you are done with decorating the tin with these wonderful creations, all you have to do is add a few pieces of ribbon and nicely tied a bow around it. Next, you can hang it from a nearby tree. This will make the perfect centerpiece on your table during meal times. The aroma of the candle will be a pleasant and beautiful distraction for your guests while they are eating their food. Just be sure that you have enough oil or essential oil in the room so that your guests do not feel weird because of the smell.

Valentines Day Wooden Candles Ideas

These are some of the Valentines Day wooden candles that you can decorate for your house during the holiday season. They are inexpensive yet they can make an excellent decoration during the Valentines Day. Why don’t you start right now? The only thing that you need is your creativity and imagination.

Try these ideas out for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Just get online now and make your purchase. It will surely be one of your best choices this year!