79+ A Casual Dress Perfect for You

Casual dress is today’s norm. Everyone dresses casually today. In years past, one would never think of going to a chic restaurant, attending a play, or even going to church services in a pair of jeans. But today that is not only OK, but even the accepted style. The key to casual dress is to not look like you’ve just come from working out or cleaning the house, but to look like you’re chic and sophisticated.

The term “casual dress” in this article refers to your overall clothing appearance. This is not to be confused with a “dress” that is casual. Casual dress can include jeans, sun dresses, skirts with leggings, and any number of combinations of individual pieces worn together or layered.

The key to making casual dresses work is to make it look sharp. You can do this with crisp, like-new pieces, such as dark blue jeans. Using appropriately sized accessories, like belts worn outside around the waist, large earrings, or bright rings and bracelets can make a normally drab outfit come to life. And don’t forget scarves. Scarves can add that flash of color that makes the ensemble click.

Shoes are an important part of a casual look as well. Wearing heels with jeans can dress them up. Wearing open toe shoes in warm weather can not only show off your feet, but also make that casual look into more than just what is comfortable to wear. In winter, boots can dresses up your casual look as well. Have you thought about wearing sweater boots?

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